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Cultivating Fair Cannabis Pricing: A Deeper Look Beyond THC

DECEMBER 19, 2023
Cannabis flower is multifaceted, and enjoyment is highly personalized. Unfortunately, most manufacturers and dispensaries attempt to simplify cannabis to a one-dimensional metric: THC content. This single-minded focus on tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, keeps cannabis consumers from accurately determining the best flower for them and creates an inaccurate pricing scale.

Is Aroma An Underrated Factor In Cannabis Competitions?

NOVEMBER 8, 2023
Recent studies have confirmed through double-blind testing that a cannabis bud’s aroma is the most critical factor in determining one’s enjoyment of the product, which begs the question: should aroma be given a greater emphasis in cannabis competitions?

THC Obsession: What Really Matters When Choosing Cannabis Cultivars

OCTOBER 16, 2023

The cannabis community is too focused on THC. Though it’s an important part of the experience, THC isn’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to high-quality, enjoyable cannabis. Many other factors are equally important.

As Mello Farms’ Master Grower with over 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and distribution, I have a unique perspective on what truly makes for high-quality cannabis. Read on to learn more about reprioritizing the cannabis selection process.

Why THC Percentage Doesn’t Matter in Weed | Cannabis Regulator

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

The cannabis sector has lately revolved around pursuing ever-higher THC levels, leading to the hybridization of strains for peak THC content. However, this focus on potency raises questions about overlooking the array of valuable compounds found in traditional landrace sativa and indica strains.

Weedsday Wednesday, A Live, Cannabis Marijuana Radio Show – Mello 2023! (Also syndicated to Apple)

AUGUST 16, 2023

Join Belle Star & The Cannabis Kid every Wednesday morning for Live, cannabis radio Podcast! Aug 16th, 2023 Special Guest: Eugene McCain, CEO and Tyler McCain of Mello! Mello is introducing a better way to choose cannabis by providing clarity and a clear path to the perfect cannabis experience–through your nose. By encouraging consumers to simply engage the scent of various flower and choose based on the terpene profile that aligns with their individual needs, a more personalized cannabis experience can be achieved.