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Mello Aroma Profiles

The 3 factors that truly matter when choosing cannabis.

1. Aroma

We’ve identified six Aroma Profiles based on cultivar lineages (the genetics of these lineage groups have been inherited from the original landrace cultivars). Which one smells best to you?







2. THC

The more THC, the better, right? Wrong. The truth is, any flower over 12% THC, and grown to that flower’s potential, should deliver the euphoric effects most people are looking for.

At Mello, we offer an easy way for customers to identify the THC ranges of our products.


New or occasional users


Experienced users


High-tolerance users

3. Terpenes

(and other Cannabinoids such as CBN, CBD,CBG, CBV)

Terpenes and other cannabinoids are the unsung heroes of cannabis. They deliver the most desired effects (including medicinal benefits). Together, they create the entourage effects and the “nose” of the aroma profiles.

Learn more!

Are you interested in using Mello Aroma Profies™ for your brand, for free? Reach out and we will send you details.

Your perfect cannabis experience begins with aroma so simply follow your nose and find your flower.

It’s an easier way. And a better way. It’s the Mello way.