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The Mello Way

Hello, Mello.

When our team started growing, selling, and researching cannabis 25 years ago we relied on smell to find the best weed. We knew then that the cannabis that smells the best to you is the best for you.

As legal cannabis has spread across the country consumers are no longer able to look at the bud and smell the flower so they are left only with THC level and arbitrary terms like Indica and Sativa as indicators of quality flower. We want to change that.

From our team’s 25 years of work, and their experience with other breeders, growers, and cannabis aficionados, we are bringing the language of the breeders and growers to the retail marketplace.

Your perfect cannabis experience begins with aroma so simply follow your nose and find your flower.

It’s an easier way. And a better way. It’s the Mello way.