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Let’s Get Real About Cannabis

Let’s be real.

Choosing the right cannabis should be about what works best for you. And the good thing is that your nose already knows.

Your perfect cannabis experience begins with aroma so simply follow your nose and find your flower.

The aroma of the cannabis bud is the way that cannabis has been chosen by growers and breeders for thousands of years, the way coffee and wine connoisseurs choose the products that are best for them.

Learn more about how the legal cannabis industry has led us to the false choice of Indica/Sativa and the belief that high THC makes for a better high.

Real Talk: The Indica/Sativa Myth

While Sativa and Indica come from different regions of the world, they have the same genetics. And today, almost every cannabis bud is a complex hybrid strain due to generations of cross-breeding. Virtually all cannabis strains sold in stores today are hybrids — regardless of how they’re labeled.

Real Talk:

The cannabis that smells the best to you is the best for you.

Learn about the six Mello Aroma Profiles© and how to use your nose to find the best cannabis for you.

Real Talk:

Higher THC means a better high, right?

Wrong! The truth is, any flower over 12% THC should deliver the euphoric effects most people are looking for. Learn the easy way to identify the THC ranges that are best for you.

Real Talk:

7 top terpenes

Terpenes are the unsung heroes of cannabis. They deliver mood elevation, calming effects, pain relief, anxiety relief, focus, and more. It’s called an entourage effect.

Learn more about the top 7 terps and how they can give you the cannabis experience that’s best for you.

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